If you played a sport in high school, you probably couldn’t wait to get your Varsity letter. That meant you could officially have a varsity jacket, or letterman jacket, and proudly strut the school hallways showing off the fashion that designated you as an athlete. Letterman jackets remain one of the biggest traditions in high school’s today. The jackets themselves have not changed much—still a woolen coat with leather arms.
Remember Richie Cunningham wearing an iconic varsity jacket in a scene from TV's "Happy Days".
Like a moto jacket or the classic trench, varsity jackets are a back-to-fall staple that makes any look feel effortlessly cool. And much like those other ubiquitous autumnal coverups, they're surprisingly versatile.  
Our varsity jackets are our most popular pre-order item to date. 
Here we have styled it with our Academy relaxed tracksuit in Grey marl, this type of jacket gives off a sport vibe so why not experiment with athleisure wear?
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