Mercier and what we are built from..

So, if you have followed our Brand over the years you will know we first started in 2017 as one man brand, almost 5 years later and we now have 9 members of staff and this is just the start.

Ben Mercer the CEO and director of Mercier, first started off by putting his well earned money into 3 caps to kick start the brand which he paid well over the odds for. He began to realise, they weren't to everyone's taste as they slowly shifted. He continued to move the brand forward and designed one t-shirt in three different colours. Again, they were a slow burner and as you can imagine, Ben was very close to throwing the towel in. As Ben continued to still work on the roads doing grounds work full time, he made the decision that he would have one more shot at making his dream become a reality. That's when his first ever tracksuit became live in 2018/19. He finally found the customers reacting to the tracksuits and began to receive orders and soon came to realise that all his hard work was slowing paying off.

In 2019, Ben designed his first full collection due to arrive in Spring, it arrived almost 6 months late ONE day before Christmas. He designed one tracksuit in 6 different colours, Black, Grey, Beige, Red and Navy and only the Red and Beige arrived. As you can imagine, devastated is an understatement. The tracksuit arrived 6 months far too late and arrived in the two of the more summery colours. Many loan debts later and Bens only option seemed to be to give up. 

After further reflection, Ben decided he would give Mercier one more chance and it's the best decision he ever made. Almost 5 years later, and Mercier has moved into two different warehouses due to outgrowing the properties. Mercier now currently sits in a 10 thousand square foot warehouse, holds over 150 different styles of garments and grown from a 1 man brand into a family of 9 and we are not stopping here.

We are currently working on a womenswear collection and is actively growing in house. All branding and design work is produced and edited to create a feminine streetwear to suit all our customers taste. Keep your eyes peeled for future collections, as the man himself says.. Keep it movin'.

This is just the beginning and we can't thank each and everyone of our customers for their continued support. Whether that be from ordering an item or just a simple like on our Instagram posts, we see it all and we wouldn't be where we without you all.